Focus on products that endure -- that have MADE THE GRADETM

CLICK on the orange review icons below to see insightful reviews that include a unique one-word summary about the product's merits; based upon nearly five decades of active lifestyle, adventure, and travel sojourns.

Learn more. Use your own judgement. Assess how these products match the scenarios you envision. And see how Know It, Trust It, Keep It leads to wiser purchases. All because they MADE THE GRADETM

No matter where you go, the right gear matters:
Know It. Trust It. Keep It.TM

Know It.


Be certain its made for a purpose. Yours.

Suitability starts with understanding the reason to purchase it. Well beyond the enthusiasm of the moment or even the brand's reputation; however stellar.

CLICK the icon to turn 'hot and dry' into 'cool and fast' with these 'MADE THE GRADE' desert boots.

CLICK above and drink to your good health, morning to night, with a home-and-away 'MADE THE GRADE' beverage system.

CLICK now to start keeping track of time with long-lasting 'MADE THE GRADE' style.

Trust It.


Believe what you own matters in your life.

Be quick to put a product to the test. Slower to rely upon it. Even slower still to trust and recommend it to others.

CLICK the orange box and pull on 'MADE THE GRADE' comfort and lasting performance.

CLICK above and take on photo and video obstacles with 'MADE THE GRADE' confidence.

CLICK the box to stay above the waves as you paddle with 'MADE THE GRADE' fit and utility.

Keep It.TM


Start with Value and Performance to embrace a better tomorrow.

Hopes and dreams are connected to better decisions about what to buy in the first place. Then to the what, how, when, and where.

CLICK the orange box for purer water as you travel the world with 'MADE THE GRADE' technology.

CLICK to turn alpaca's superior fibers into 'MADE THE GRADE' four-season warmth.

CLICK above as you travel well beyond the sidewalk, taking 'MADE THE GRADE' mettle to the world.

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